Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back blogging- October 2012

So, here I am, back blogging. That is to say I am getting back to blogging and I am logging things from months ago...back logging, back blogging...get it? Yeah, did you miss this? I did.

I haven't blogged since October 1st! Why? Well, I never blog in a timely manner anyway but this is ridiculous. I fully blame it on Apple. TLC Academy was blessed with a financial gift and we were able to purchase and Ipad for school use and then my dad bought me an Iphone and now my picture logging system is all awry and I haven't decided how to organize. I have things in albums, clouds, photostreams, on tablet, on phones, on camera, on computers... I am organizationally challenged as it is and this hasn't helped. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE having access to all this technology, I am just trying to wrap my mind around how to use it to simplify rather than complicate.

Anyway, enough about that, there's a lot of blogging to be done! I'll keep this particular blog to October. I took over 200 pictures in October alone and that was before the Iproducts! What can I say, it was a fun month...

My beautiful ballerina has started taking point lessons!  She is very excited. 
We have a monthly get together with friends and for our October craft we made fall wreaths and apple crisp.  I miss fall...
We went apple picking.  It was a cold rainy day but we had a great time anyway.  It is always one of my favorite parts of fall!

These girls can cook!  They cook lunch every Wednesday.  They get better and better every week!  They have made chicken broccoli alfredo, homemade chicken tenders with homemade macaroni and steamed carrots, chili and cornbread, tacos, grilled cheese and soup, shepherds pie, sloppy joes, pancakes and eggs.  They do a great job!
On Columbus Day weekend we went to my moms and took a nice hike. It was such a great day. 
My pretty little hometown.

We have been doing lots of fun science experiments this year.  We are focusing on Earth and Space this year.  I have sorely neglected it in the past but we are rockin it this year.  Check out our stalagmite/stalactite column!
 We also made some great volcanoes in the backyard.  I may have mentioned this before; I don't have a nice backyard.  There is no grass, all dirt.  This bothers me most some of the time but when I can send the kids outside to dig up the yard and make volcanoes, I am happy I have a dirt yard.  They had so much fun that day...I miss fall (did I mention that?)

 Random cute baby in a cow print diaper.

 Isaac had a photo challenge to do in the fall.  His theme was "boy".  This is what he came up with. 

 We did lots of other great activities in October like charting tectonic plates...
 ... and making buildings and then causing an earthquake to knock them down.
 The boys played soccer together.  Their team was undefeated!  These guys were a force to be reckoned with.  I loved watching them play together there was a lot of teamwork going on for sure. 

 Of course we played in the leaves.  What fall would be complete without jumping in the leaves?  I miss...(yeah, you know)

 There was an amazing rainbow around the moon one night.  It was unbelievable.  It was just before hurricane sandy.  This picture doesn't do it justice at all.  Someone posted about it on facebook so I went out to look and then I ran in and woke up the kids so they could come out and see too.  I had never seen anything like it.  Really cool!
We also had our annual Creation Celebration on the last day of October. We do a fun night of games and crafts at the church to celebrate God and his amazing Creation.  The kids come dressed up as something God made.   Hannah was a lioness and Bella was a zebra.  
The boys were hunters.
Amelia was a very uncooperative bumblebee and refused to let me get 1 good picture of her!
So that was October.  I really eliminated quite a lot from my 230 pictures but you get the picture.  It is about 0 degrees outside right now and it was nice to reminisce about days of warmth and outdoor fun.  Oh how I loathe winter.  OK, I'll stop now before any more murmuring or complaining slips out.  Let's see how long it takes me to get November up...