Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back blogging January through March

Join me as we skip (not so) quickly through the events of January, February and March for the Corbett Family and TLC Academy... I will get caught up on blogging.  I think I can, I think I can...

We still do school work.  It is called home"school" for a reason.  Math, science, language arts, history, music, art, spelling, etc.  We do it all.  Here is Ian enjoying Math with some hands on manipulatives in January when we returned from our December break.
An interesting (and colorful) science experiment about ground water

Time for technology.  The girls were inside a cell checking out the nucleus.
A glacier vs and iceberg in a race down a ramp.  In the end they both just made a big mess on my floor but that comes with the homeschooling territory...
A mommy daughter date!
Physical education...when the driveway isn't covered in snow or ice!
Amelia gets multiple reading lessons a day and has many tutors.
Sledding! (I actually had fun that day outside in the snow but I can only say that because it is currently July and we just had an awesome heatwave).
She has quickly evolved from board books to Consumer Reports.  We're so proud...
One fine winter morning we had a disruptive jolt to our normal routine when Isaac fell out of his seat at breakfast (because he rarely sits still) and broke his fall with his two front teeth, and consequently broke said teeth as well.  No blood, no bruises, just two adult teeth snapped in half.  The only major trauma was emotional on my part.  Praise God he did not need root canals and our amazing Dentist fixed him up pretty quickly.  When he fell again a month later and snapped off what was built back on, Dr. Lisa came to the rescue again and made him like new. 

We made a really fun concoction of shaving cream and corn starch one evening.  It was like an inside snow storm. The boys reenacted a wintry battle with their army men. 
I made a super cute snowman.  The recipe was simple.  One box of corn starch per one can of unscented (unless you like your kids to smell manly) shaving cream.  Mix well and have fun!
Whenever there was a slight break in the weather I tried to get Amelia outside.  This particular morning we took in the gorgeous winter sights and had such a lovely time...NOT.  I am SOOO glad it is July right now!!
Pajama Game Day.  A TLC Academy favorite for sure!
Amelia is a ham.  Apple is creating a world of narcissistic babies...
 My cool snow boarders.
 Time for a check up!  Practically perfect in every way.  I think I've said that before...
 Tutus, ponytails, sparkly shoes.  She is a girly girl through and through!
 The kids experimented with social media on our 100th day of school.  They got 100 likes and won a pizza party AND they didn't have to do the essays I had previously assigned for February vacation.  The liked that a lot. 
 100 jumping jacks.
 100 seconds of silence.  My favorite part of the 100th day of school!
 Happy Valentines Day! 
 I got to go out on a fancy date with my sweetie.  We hadn't had a date in a long time and were so thankful to Amira for watching the kids. 
 Yup, shes definitely a toddler now...Right about dinner time she loves to hang on my legs and cry...brings me back to the good ol days when I had 3 little ones doing that!  Good things she is so cute!
 We met Auntie Kimmy for a special breakfast over February vacation.  She is a busy working woman now so its harder to see her.  We squeezed in a fun breakfast before she had to go to work on morning. Anytime with auntie Kimmy is a good time.
 I got to ride around with this Rock Star...
 Papa took us all to the Sportsman's show.  We all enjoyed it for sure but my little sportsmen really had a great time!
 You probably already know that the girls make lunch at TLC Academy on Wednesdays.  They love to be creative in the kitchen.  Their creativity abounded when they made Monster Sandwiches!  They came out so good. 
 Hannah's Dad Don went to Africa for the month of February.  When he returned we welcomed him home TLC style.  The girls wrote and performed an awesome song and there was confetti everywhere.  A happy reunion for all. 
Amelia loves to draw.  I have, in fact, never seen a baby her age love to draw as much as she does.  She calls markers, crayons and pencils "on papers".  It sounds more like upapo when she says it.  She calls them that because every time she has them in her hand we have to remind her to use them "on paper."  One morning she decided the wall looked like a nice canvas for her artistry and she drew us a lovely mural.  I decided to capitalize on her creative mood and we all went to the Williams College Art museum for a few hours.  Delightful time.

Isabella is an avid reader.  She was so happy when I decided to snap a few pictures of her enjoying her favorite past time. 
This little ham, on the other hand, never shys away from the camera!
This one doesn't shy away much either lol. 
Our little pumpkin butt.
This was simply weird.  One winter afternoon in March, just before the first day of spring (I think) we drove into the driveway and saw the word HI had melted away on the roof.  It was so funny!  It was like God was saying HI to me through melted snow and reminding me that spring was truly on the way.  I liked it. 

In honor of the first day of spring the girls made a sunshiny cheeseburger with strawberries and kale. 
The boys also had a turn making monster sandwiches.  They especially loved the toothpick swords...
 At the first signs of spring we headed outdoors as much as possible.  Amelia was perplexed by this word beyond her normal confines.
 We had an early Easter this year but were blessed with good weather on our special celebration and egg hunt at Rara and Papa's house the day before. 

 I have played some pretty awesome, over the top tricks on the kids for April Fools Day but this year, I was at a loss.  Thanks to Pinterest I found a quick and easy way to get them.  I offered them brownies for a snack and filled the foil covered pan with Brown E's.  They were oh so pleased as you can see!
I think that will have to be enough for now... Blogs are not supposed to be novels you know...  April to June coming soon!! (Soon is obviously a relative term for me...)