Friday, February 17, 2012

Blog Moving Day

Last week I decided it was time to post another blog.  When I sat down and started uploading all of my pictures, I found out that I had no more room.  I didn't realize that there was a limit of photo space on my blog, but there was.  I had the choice of "renting" space for more pictures or starting afresh with a new blog address and email.  Since my old blog was attached to my old email and was difficult to access, I decided that this was the best route to go.  If you would like to look back at our old blog it is still available.  You can click the link on the sidebar that says Old Blogs and it will provide the link.

Now that the business of blog transitions is done, here is an update on our lives.  Blogging has always been fun but it is extra fun with a baby.  She changes so much so quickly.  Its fun to watch.

So, how about this awesome winter weather we've been having.  I'm not joking!  It has been above freezing with no snow.  It is the mild dry winter I was longing for.  Amelia and I have enjoyed bundling up and taking walks together.  After last winter, I don't take the clear sidewalks for granted!  We didn't have clear sidewalks up here until the end of April last year!  (Speaking of walks, I will take this opportunity to unabashedly solicit you all for a jogging stroller.  Anyone have one we could borrow?  Walking is good but it isn't going to get this baby weight off.  I need to start jogging again!) 

TLC Academy is back in session and despite the overzealous germs this winter affords and the whole adjusting to baby thing, we have been getting a lot accomplished.
On our first day back together for an official TLC day, we took a moment to welcome our newest student.  She seemed a little nervous but her classmates were very friendly and loving.

They take pretty good care of her and are always helping her learn something new.

Some of our recent lessons and activities included a brief introduction to the first Olympics.  We held our own Olympic games in honor of those held so long ago by the men of Greece.  

Another fun and photo worthy thing we did recently was make cake pops.  Actually, "we" didn't make them.  Bella made them all by herself in honor of Amelia's 2 month birthday.

Amelia Joy thought they were funny.
I also had the opportunity to make a fun cake.  My friend Eva is having a baby in March and her sister threw her an 80's themed baby shower.  We had a blast dressing up for the occasion.  I have some great pictures of the attendees but since I didn't obtain permission to share them with the world, I will have to settle for sharing the ones of Bella and Hannah, who looked "like totally awesome!"

When I'm not making unhealthy, color laden confections for parties, I am usually trying very hard to make sure our family eats healthy.  I abhor all of the processed junk that we are bombarded with in the store and can't stand that I often have to choose between healthy or convenient.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that, with popcorn, that is simply not so.  I love popcorn.  I usually make it on my stove top but microwave popcorn is easier.  I had given it up because it generally contains partially hydrogenated oils among other nasty oddities.  Then, I heard that it could be made by simply putting kernels in a lunch bag and putting them in the microwave.  Could it be?  Can microwaving my own popcorn, without gross oil, be that simple?  Yes!  Should i have taken up this much of my blog to talk about it?  Probably not.  Here is our simple picture tutorial for DIY microwave popcorn.
Put 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels in a paper lunch bag.  Fold the top of the bag twice.
Microwave on high for 2-3 minutes.
Eat popcorn.
Here is an interlude of cuteness...

 Among other thigns not being taken for granted this winter are the clear roads for traveling to my mom's house!  Last winter there were too many trips that got postponed or canceled due to the winter weather, not so this year!!  Everyone loves visiting RaRa and Papa's house!

 Annika is so attentive to her little cousin Amelia.  She loves to help me change her and burp her.  I think these two little munchkins are going to be the best of friends in a few years!

Mild winter weather or not, we are all facing a bit of cabin fever.  We decided to head to our local germ infested play place for some family fun.  We've pretty much had colds ever since...

For science, we are studying the human body.  We spent some time learning about bones last week. 
Don't be alarmed...these are chicken bones.
We all took note of how tiny Amelia's bones are, especially those little phalanges!!
The kids did an experiment using pencils and rubber bands to create a bone with a moveable joint. 

On Superbowl Sunday, I had the pleasure of escorting Bella and Hannah to an American Girl luncheon!  They had such a great time and we are very thankful to Alison and Jadziah for hosting it.  We can't wait for the next one!

 Isaac was a little under the weather on Superbowl Sunday and we just got cozy and watched the game together.  No big parties or anything like that...but when you're a family of 6, its like a party everyday.  Here was our little Superbowl snack spread.

We enjoyed a day at the museum.  This is an apatasaurus femur bone. 
 Isaac and Ian did some innovating in the innovation room.

 ...a little Native American dress up time
 ...even a papoose. 
Ian took a closer look at the biggest bird.  There is a really neat Audubon exhibit at our museum right now.  We enjoyed it a lot.

 Ian and Isabella made Bower bird nests.  They had learned about these interesting birds from the Life movies (like Planet Earth) and they had a lot of fun with this.  The male Bower birds spend a ridiculous amount of time building these nests and they make piles of brightly colored things like flowers and leaves to "decorate" their nests.  The females choose the nest they like best...essentially it is survival of the fittest interior designer.

On Tuesday we celebrated our 100th day of school and Valentines Day.  Those were fun themes to combine.  Among other things, we decorated our Valentine bags with 100 decorations, made spaghetti with 100 meatballs and made a list of 100 ways to love. 

I really can't believe it is already the middle of February.  I feel like time has never moved so quickly!  I'll do my best to continue savoring every minute of it...

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