Sunday, February 3, 2013

Back Blogging - November 2012

November was also an eventful month for us.  In retrospect, we had very little "down" time in the fall at all!  We started our month with a delicious study of rocks.  We made "metamorphic rocks" by applying intense pressure to our Annies fruit snacks until they were one big ball of fruit snack, I mean metamorphic rock. 
We also made seven layer bars that doubled as sedimentary rocks and then we drizzled some igneous rock, aka chocolate, on top.  The kids had a blast.  I felt like a Rock Star. 
For our monthly get together with friends we made our own ice cream in individual bags.  It was easy and yummy.  I think it is dangerous to know how to make ice cream so simply.  We also made really cool luminary bags that I forgot to take pics of.

November is duck hunting season.  My husband and the boys are super excited about duck hunting.  Isaac even asked for a duck call for his birthday!  This is their first year duck hunting and it was a great blessing that our friends the Najimy's took Jason out to show him a few things.  He got three ducks and was given a fourth!  It was a great long as you aren't a duck.  I had never cooked duck before but I found an amazing recipe for duck breast in pomegranate sauce.  It was so yummy.  I am excited for next duck season now...

The main event for November was, of course, Amelia Joy's first birthday! I had so much funny planning a foofy girly party.   We combined her birthday celebration with her dedication to Jesus and it was a beautiful and memorable day of love.

We also took a trip to the Museum in November.  We love our local museum and had a great time, as always.  Amelia was a big girl and wanted to be a part of everything.

Then, suddenly, it was already Thanksgiving!  We went to my moms and made the traditional family stuffing.

Thanksgiving morning my boys went out hunting and got a rabbit!  It was very exciting...if you aren't a rabbit.  I have cooked a few rabbits now and it is pretty good but I am still looking for a super delicious recipe...
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I love giving thanks to my Creator and Lord for all He has blessed me with.  I also love spending time with family and just celebrating love and thankfulness!  It is a joyous occasion for me whenever we are all together. 

Of course, after Thanksgiving, the countdown to Christmas begins! Stay tuned for our busy and fun filled December!