Monday, October 1, 2012

The Wedding of Kimberly and Joseph Welch 8-25-12

My baby sister is married!! I am so happy for her and her husband.  Kimmy is such an amazing person.  The beautiful things that make her who she is spill over when you are with her and always make you feel a little more joyful, playful and loved when you've spent just a few minutes with her.  My new brother Joe is also an amazing person.  He has such a huge heart, he's fun to be around and is a man of great character and integrity.  I couldn't have picked a better guy for my baby sis.  I was honored to be Kimberly's Matron of Honor.  It brought me great joy to stand with them as they professed their love and commitment to one another in marriage.  I am so happy for them both.  I can't wait to see what great things God has in store for them.

 Congratulations Kimmy and Joe Welch!!!!!

Obviously, since I was in the wedding, I didn't take any pictures of the actual wedding.  All I can offer you is the wedding from my perspective as the Matron of Honor and busy mother of the junior bridesmaid and ring bearers and cutest and best behaved baby ever (thanks to my amazing husband and his never ending stash of cheerios...)

The wedding rehearsal...

The rehearsal dinner

On the morning of the wedding, Carly, Kimmy's long time friend and amazing hairdresser arrived at my mom's bright and early.  She was doing Bella's hair at 5:45am.  She didn't stop doing hair until 5 minutes before we got in the limo to go to the ceremony.  She did such a beautiful job on all of the lovely bridesmaids hair and, of course, the beautiful bride!!
The reception as at my parent's house under a huge tent.  It was amazingly beautiful when it was all lit up.  So much time and effort went into this day.  It was so special and so much fun.
My mom put so much time and care into making her gardens beautiful for the wedding.  They were simply stunning (but they are every year...)

It was all hustle and bustle at my mom and dad's the morning of the wedding.  1 bride, 7 bridesmaids, 1 junior bridesmaid, and 2 flower girls all getting ready for the big event!  It was so much fun.  Everyone looked so amazing!
Amelia was such a good baby and cute as can be.
Our friend Robbie did Kimberly's bouquets.  She also did mine and Angela's when we got married.  These were so beautiful.  The green bouquets against our orange dresses was stunning!  Kimberly, being the artist that she is, really brought so many details together to make her day so beautiful.

Instead of a wedding cake, Kim and Joe had a beautiful display of wedding pies!!  They all looked so delicious.  They were all made by various friends and family members which made it even more special. 

This day of celebrating didn't end when the sun went down.  After the DJ left, Kimmy's favorite local band The Fear Nuttin' Band, arrived to do a few sets.  Everyone also had fun lighting floating lanterns and sending them off into the night in honor of Kim and Joe.  It was so pretty!

Honestly, I couldn't believe it was over the next morning.  Kimmy and Joe were off to Hawaii for their honeymoon and I was absolutely exhausted (I must be getting old!!!)  We had spent so much time getting ready and anticipating the big day and it went so quickly!!  It was a day of beautiful memories and the beginning of a beautiful future for Kim and Joe.  Congrats again!!!  I love you both so much.

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